The Bat Doctor
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Miken 2014 USSSA DC-41 Supermax
With this selection, the bat is shaved on our state of the art Haas TL-2 CNC Lathe. What this means is that your bat will be shaved with absolute computer controlled precision. We take pride in what we do, so when selecting the machine to do the work, we spared no expense! In addition to doing excellent work, we also take a picture of your bat in the lathe with your name in the picture. This picture is emailed to you after your order is completed and shipped.

For Slow-Pitch bats, please select the desired Final Weight. This is the weight that the bat will be when it arrives to you.

You also have a choice to have the bat Heat Rolled. Heat Rolling allows the wall of the bat to flex more, which provides a much more thorough break-in process. With the Rolling Service, your bat will be as hot as possible out of the wrapper with no need to take countless rounds of batting practice!

Miken 2014 USSSA DC-41 Supermax